Advertising is Atlantic Canada's newest leading online rental property search engine with a wide diversity of visitors visiting each day. When you advertise with us you are reaching a niche market of visitors and the same time they are searching for rental properties. Advertising is about showing your products and/or services at the right time and audience and this what can offer your business.

Our advertising program is engineered to maximize your advertising dollars by offering Geo ad targetting with each of our advertising programs.

Geo Ad Targeting allows us to deliver your advertisement(s) to all our visitors or to visitors located in specific geographic locations. With Geo Ad Targetting you can maximize your online advertising dollars by ensuring your ads will be delivered to visitors that you can potentialy benefit from.'s primary audiences are individuals searching for rental properties, landlords, and property management companies. current offers the following advertising opportunies:

Full details on our advertising program will available in the coming weeks.